DIY: Mason Jar Lanterns

I absolutely love the look of lanterns outside especially at an evening gathering or party. However, lanterns can be expensive.

Here’s a creative way to make your own Mason Jar Lantern  for much cheaper.
Photos and instructions from Petite Raisin.


Mason Jars, Gauge Wire (18G), Wire Cutters, Pliers


  • Take your wire and cut it to about 2 feet. If you are using extra-large mason jars, you’ll want to use more.
  • Take the wire and make a loop in the middle. You can use a pen to loop it around for sizing.
  • After you make the loop, wrap the wire around itself to secure your loop. You can wrap it about 4 times tightly.
  • Take your pliers and squeeze together the wire after you finish wrapping it to secure it.
  • Take your mason jar and put the wire under the lip of the jar. Your loop should be on one side of the jar and your two loose wires on the other side.
  • Tightly pull together your loose wires and wrap one around the other about 4 times.
  • Take you pliers and squeeze together the wire again after you finish wrapping.
  • Clip the wire that was used to make the coils and squeeze the end down with your pliers if the wire is sticking out.
  • Create the handle by pulling the excess wire up over the jar leaving extra and putting it through your loop on the other side.
  • Then, simply wrap the end of your loose wire back up around itself to secure in place.
  • Squeeze with your pliers to make sure it’s tight and cut any excess wire with your wire cutters.
  • You can also add sand or rocks into your jar with your candle!

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