My Morning Routine for Success!

Does the change in seasons have you struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you’ve just never been a morning person. Try implementing these steps for a better morning routine and successful start to your day.

Wake Up Early

This is the most important component to starting the day off right! Waking up an hour or two before you need to leave the house should provide you with enough time to prepare your mind and body for each day.

To help yourself stay on track with your sleep schedule, start an evening routine, this way your body knows it’s time to slow down at a reasonable hour. Try setting your alarm out of arms reach, this way you have to actually get out of bed when it goes off. Once you are up, don’t lay back down! Walk right over to that light switch and flip it on, this will trigger your brain to recognize that it’s time to WAKE UP!

*Extra thought: You function better on a consistent schedule, so make sure to cut back on the hours you spend sleeping in on the weekends!

Positive Vibes

Your mood is a crucial part of your overall success! So now that you’re up, spend 5-10 minutes reminding yourself of positive things in your life. Try to come up with at least 5 things that you are grateful for – this gratitude will help push you toward positive thinking!

Use this time to indulge in your favorite things, you have set it aside purposely as “me-time” so don’t allow yourself to feel rushed! Listen to music you like, play with your pet, sit by the window and just enjoy your view, etc! Whatever is calming for you, take this time to do it, you will be glad you did!

Work It Out

A great endorphin boost for the morning is exercise! This doesn’t need to be extreme, just focus on getting your body moving. Make sure to do some stretching first and plan an activity for yourself in the process.

Getting your exercise in during your morning routine will boost your feelings of motivation and sense of accomplishment for the day. Waiting until the evenings for an intense exercise routine can affect your sleep, and we don’t want that! This could be a great time to try that yoga pose you’ve been thinking about!


Now your prep for the work day officially begins. Set a goal time to have your shower and other bathroom to-do’s complete. Make sure to pick a scent that you feel promotes your positive thoughts. As for water temperature, since we’re focusing on stimulating our mind for a successful day, a cooler temp would be your best bet!

There are many benefits to a cooler shower; it stimulates your immune system, increases alertness, prevents colds, stimulates anti-depression hormones, and accelerates your metabolism. Also, a bonus – you’ll likely save water with a cold shower because you won’t feel as comfortable staying in for a long period of time!


Healthy breakfasts are KEY in having the energy needed to be successful! For a breakfast that will sustain you throughout the morning, let’s avoid the sugary boost of energy because we know that comes with a mid-morning crash or a need for some extra caffeine. Instead, fill your plate with whole grains, non-fat dairy products, and protein. These items will keep you feeling full and functioning with steady energy, while helping to lower your desire for a sugary snack or soft drink!


You’re almost ready for the day! Take your excess time in the morning, to reflect on what you have accomplished so far, and how you feel about this. Then allow yourself to surrender to the process, clear your mind and be still in the moment. It’s a new day, so we want to allow our mind to remain quiet of yesterday’s worries. Once you feel your stress level has decreased, you will be able to feel a clearer view of your surroundings. As you end your meditation, try to visualize yourself staying on a productive track for the day.

To-Do List!

Now we are ready to get this day started! Take out a pen and paper, and start a list of items that you need to complete today. Focus on what will require the majority of your energy and mental awareness, and take on those tasks first while you are still in a positive and motivated mood for the day.

Completing these hard tasks will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, which will continue to give you the pushes you need to get through the rest of the day. As you reach the end of your list, start adding rewards for yourself! Including these activities/rewards after a large task or at the end of your list, will decrease your desire to take unnecessary breaks throughout the day.

Follow this guide to boost your overall well-being and remember – your morning routine is the first step to having the best day ever, every day!

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